The Crowd Turk Gig More-Than-A-Worker Gal Since 2015

Hello! Are you curious about becoming a Crowdworker?

I've been working in the new Gig Economy since 2015 after an injury. Previously I worked in non-profit, art, and restaurant jobs. Today I do crowdwork between other jobs.

If you are thinking about doing crowdwork please keep in mind that working online is not just sitting around in your pajamas. I prefer shorts myself but seriously it requires research plus long hours. There are no legitimate "get rich quick" schemes. You have to do the work. What kind of work? It can be anything from an academic survey to tagging images to searching on the internet to recording phrases to help train AI.

Crowdworking is also not for everyone. Working at home requires a different skill set and discipline from all of the distractions of home. I recommend doing this kind of online work as a supplement to other jobs. It is very difficult to make a full-time living on just crowdwork. Don't forget that if you are working for yourself then you have to pay all of your taxes, insurance and any other expenses that a traditional employer would usually cover.

Below are some of the crowdwork sites I use almost every day between other work to help pay the bills followed by some tips to help you become a successful crowdworker. There are many places that you can make money online but these are trusted sites that I have found to be the most consistent since 2015. Some referral links from which I do make money are marked * before the link. If you are outside of the US please check with the websites for availability or restrictions within your own country.


  • UserTesting Link US based. $10 Screencasts or higher paid live conversations to test websites or products. Pays via PayPal.

  • Amazon Mechanical Turk Link US based. Possible long approval time for sign up. Multiple types of crowdwork available. Pays via Amazon Pay.

  • Prolific Academy *Link UK based but open to US workers. Academic studies. Pays via PayPal.

  • Appen Link Available in several countries. Possible long approval time for sign up. Multiple types of crowdwork. Pays in various ways including PayPal every two weeks.

  • Clickworker and UHRS *Link DE based but open to US workers. Multiple types of crowdwork. Look for the UHRS qualification test for the best work. Pays via PayPal.

  • SwagBucks *Link US based. Shopping rebates (which is the main way I use it) and other small tasks. Avoid the surveys. Pays via gift cards including PayPal and Amazon.


  • Research before signing up for any website. I highly recommend joining an online forum of fellow crowdworkers, such as MTurk Crowd Link which is for Turkers aka those of us working on Amazon Mechanical Turk. Online coworkers can help you with questions and give you a much needed connection to others who are doing the same kind of work. Connect on social media as well!

  • Do good work. Always. You are building a reputation with your submitted work. If you want to get the best work in the future, maintain a steady income and help researchers with thoughtful and usable data always do your best. I take pride in my work and have been rewarded with qualifications to do higher paying work as well as new opportunities directly with researchers. Please always follow the TOS for every platform you work on!

  • Brush up on your skills. You will be doing several different types of small jobs that you can put on your resume later! Take time to learn a bit of coding such as javascript. Khan Academy Hour of Code Link is a fantastic place to start. Learn how using existing computer tricks and tools such as keyboard shortcuts can help long hours of repetitive work go by quicker to increase earnings.

  • Set up a proper office space. If you haven't worked from home before you may not have thought about this. Make your work space as functional, ergonomic and comfortable as you can. Even for part-time work your body and mind will thank you. Invest in a good office chair and try using multiple monitors to make your working time more efficient as well as enjoyable!

  • Self-care is important too. Go outside. Pet your cat. Call your friends. Enjoy life. Set daily, weekly and monthly goals but don't get discouraged if you don't meet them occasionally. Find ways to meet them the next period. Work is a mental, physical and emotional challenge so keep them all healthy. You got this and I wish you the best of luck with your own journey!

last update: 10/27/2019